Thursday, December 22, 2011

Samsung SmartTV

Once you discover Samsung Smart TV you'll never look at TV the same way again. Samsung Smart TVs allow you to easily search for movies, TV shows, explore Samsung apps, chat with friends and find many other types of interactive TV content. Samsung apps is a growing collection of premium apps specifically built for your TV that connects you to your favorite digital content. Samsung's Smart TVs also include a Search All feature so you can find videos via apps or other connected devices and a recommendation engine which suggests movies you might like from your video-on-demand services. Advanced panels and unique backlight technology combine with proprietary algorithms to reduce the response time and yield a more accurate image reproduction with faster on-screen motion.

If you have one & like to exprore your developer curiosity, no one is going to stop you. Download SmartTV SDK from developer forum here. A lot of tutorials are available on the forum. If you are lucky enough to make an app, submit it & make money.